The dragons are dead, to begin with. Killed by betrayal, demons and man, the dragons are dead and with them gone, magic is fading from the land. Meanwhile, humanity shoulders on in the continuing quest of further enlightenment, knowledge and power. The elves hole up in the cities, worthless to other races as their only desire is the fulfillment of lust and hedonistic desires. The dwarves plot bloody revenge and conduct terrifying resistance against those who have wronged them. The age of adventures is thought to be over, with the progress of man’s kingdoms into the wild world. Civility is coming to the wild. Or so they say. Real watchers of the world know it is not as it may seem. The forces of darkness and evil, the undead and damned, they are gathering their power to break the chains… This is the world of Novus, where man is civilization, knowledge is power, the undead rise and airships soar.

Legends of Novus